Sunday, 26 January 2014

Plank Challenge...!!!!

Hello All, 

Sorry not been around for a while its been a very busy January so far. 

So recently as part of my New Years resolution i was going to do more exercise, so i thought i would give the plank challenge a go. I have seen it around a few times and wondered if it would really make that much of a difference. 

So i have been doing it for about a week now and can actually see a difference. 
Its a great way of getting your core muscles stronger and a firmer looking stomach and its QUICK and EASY!! 

i tend to do mine just before i go to bed as its the most convenient time but you could do it when ever it suits you in the morning before you start your day or what ever is easiest for you. 

So here it is, give it a go and even let me know how you get on I'm really interested to see how you guys feel about this one?

Sunday, 12 January 2014

What are your favourite washing products???

Hey everyone,

Sorry I have been a bit absent this week, first week back at work so getting rather swamped. Glad to be back though.
How many of you have found it difficult to find a soap that really makes a difference. It took me forever until I started working for Clinique. Then I found a god send.

3 Step Cleanser

Their 3 step cleansing products… I will not go anywhere without them.

Firstly you put the soap on and it comes in a gel pump as seen in the picture or soap bar form… this gel is soft of my skin and so easy to use.
After washing this off I then take cotton buds and put some toner on it and go over my face. This helps take off any extra dirt and tightens your skin.
Lastly I then apply my moisturiser, you can apply Clinique moisturiser but I have always preferred my Clarins. 

I use this Day and night and within a few days you will see a difference. 

Clinique Eye make up remover

I used to use wipes when taking my make up, then I found this makeup remover from Clinique and have found this so much nicer. I apply it onto cotton bud and then remove my make up. It is so much softer on my eyes and doesn’t irritate them which is one of the problems I used to have.

Hope you guys like this and let me know what you think….

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Do you have a good makeup primer??

Hey everyone, 

So I ran out of my old primer and have been looking around for a new one for ages. I was then shopping in house of fraser and came acros this new primer that Clinique had brought out.

They have then in all different variation for different skin types and problems. I bought the general one which comes in a white bottle.

Its such a great product and easy to apply I put it on with my foundation brush before applying my foundation. I am so glad I have found this primer now I would highly recommend it.

Please let me know if you have tried this or have any other good primers that you use...

Saturday, 28 December 2013

2014 New Years resolutions

Hey Hey Beautiful People....
So christmas is just about over and New years is just around the corner... I'm sure many of us have started thinking about our new years resolutions?

Every year we always make resolutions but they can be so hard to maintain can't they?
I have tried many time to stick to mine and within a month or so they seem to fizzle out... 

But not this year I'm going to really try stick it out... 
So my new years resolutions are :
1. Keep up regular exercise (I can be so lazy sometimes)
2. Save bit more money each month (Planning to move out)
3. Read more books
What are your New years resolutions??

I have done some reading and have come up with some ways in which you can keep up with your resolutions. 
1. Tell others about your New Year resolutions. 
2. Choose a realistic and measurable resolution.
3. Build in a reward system.
4. Create resolution visual aid.
5. Start with a ceremony. 
Hope this helps and you can keep up your resolutions... Keep in touch and let me know how you get on 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Benefits of Drinking Water

We always hear about how our body is made up of so much water and the amount by glass is forever changing on how much we should be drinking.  Now personally I do drink a fair amount of water per day because I’m not a huge fan of fizzy drinks.  So I thought I would just let you guys into a few of the benefits of drinking water.

1)   Keeps you Hydrated
As our body is comprised of such a large amount of water we need to keep this topped up. This prevents headaches which we all know are a right pain when they come along.

2)   Keeps you young
If you do not drink enough water during the day your skin will start to dry out and we then compensate for this by putting on more creams and moisturisers. Its really good for your skin and keeps you looking good.

3)   Helps you lose weight
When drinking enough water through the day this will suppress your appetite because its making your brain think that you are eating. Water also helps your body burn any stored fat in your body and flushing out those horrible toxins.

4)   Helps build muscle
When exercising your body is pushing blood around the body which is carrying oxygen. By drinking plenty of water this is aiding your muscles get more oxygen and their for can work harder.

5)   Makes you smarter
Your brain needs a lot of oxygen to keep it going and to perform at its best levels.
So drinking plenty of water will get this all important water to your brain to help if function to its best.

6)   Helps your joints

Hope you guys find this interesting....

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My First Post!

Hello you beautiful people,

So this is my first blog post...

I have been thinking for a while about how to help girls feel better about themselves and not feel like they have to conform to societies 'norm' which tends to be size 0.

Being naturally small myself i have received many comments on 'how tiny i am' and 'how lucky i am to be so small'... But in actual fact when i see girls with curves such as Kim Kardashian i feel like i myself want those curves.

I was a gymnast from the age of 7 so have always spent most of my life training so thought i would start writing about these things and who knows hopefully help some people along the way.

Hope you enjoy